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>> we have a wet start to the day. will the rain hang around all day long? we're going now to gary mcgrady joining us this sunday morning. good morning. >> good morning to you and everyone else out there this morning. it's a wet weather pattern and the showers will be around at least in some form or fashion right on through the day today. we start with a look at temperatures that have fallen another degree. we're down to 67 degrees in the city. gaithersburg at 64. everybody is coming in just about around the mid-60's and so with the clouds and showers moving across. you can see across the city now on the radar there's light rain. the heaviest of the rain -- and by no means is it heavy -- is just down to the south, coming up through stafford and into elite western sections of charles county. over the last couple of hours,
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you can see this moving up i-95. if it's not raining where you are now, it's going to get here. here's what it looks like through the day. showers at 10 a.m. showers at 2 p.m. it looks like the trend for the afternoon is going to be just a little bit drier. i'm going to leave a few scattered showers around for tonight. temperatures with the clouds and the rain into the middle 70's. august will return. that's what you're going to see in the seven-day forecast. that's coming up in a bit. >> we'll look forward to seeing you here in a bit. new this morning, prince george's county police are investigating an armed robbery at a popular restaurant in college park at r.j. bentley's yesterday. police are hoping you recognize the suspects. police released this surveillance image of the two men. they entered the restaurant and
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demanded cash and one had a gun. they made off with this car in a silver acura with maryland tags. >> and officials need your help finding this man, last seen in the 8300 block of baron street in silver springs around 11:00 saturday morning. police are concerned for his emotional well-being. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> new this morning, metro police say a man was killed on the tracks around 2 a.m. police say the metro train was heading to new carrollton. eight passengers on board were not hurt. metro is not sure how the man got on the tracks. >> and rescue crews recovered the body of a man who disappeared in a river. the man's family says he went
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into the water apparently to retrieve a tennis shoe and was swept under by the strong current. >> you never know what's under the undercurrent and the tide was coming in. >> stephenson sam -->> we had drivers from the area as well as boats from all three jurisdictions. >> the man was fishing off the seawall with his brother and friend. the family friend says julio threw off his tennis shoes to keep them from getting wet. one fell into the water and he jumped in to retrieve it. >> the individual went under and was unable to get himself up. it's a murky and silty area.
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>> the other two men jumped in and tried to rescue but were unable. >> fortunately they did get themselves out and were able to call for help. crews searched for nearly two hours. they eventually found the victim in nine feet of water, close to the area where he went down. >> the boats have sonar devices that they use to pick up a mass. >> according to the family, lopez lived and worked as a carpenter and home remodeler. >> the young man lost his life. you don't want anyone to lose their life. >> that was lauren demarco reporting. it looks like it's a tragic accident but officials point out swimming of any kind is illegal in the an cost i can't for good reason. reason.
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>> maryland governor has named both local and state representatives to the state's new transportation funding task force. members will recommendation to county and municipal government to fund resources across the state. it was created as part of the transportation infrastructure act of 2013. members will submit a final report to the governor and general assembly. >> internal reports show two engine fires in city ambulances were likely caused by malfunctions and not sabotage. "the washington post" reports a review was committed before the deputy mayor ordered police to investigate. a criminal investigation is underway.
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union officials are outraged by the suggestion of sabotage. >> firefighters out west continue to battle wildfires across two states this morning. high winds are making it difficult for crews to maintain control of the flames in utah and idaho. here's the latest. >> the fire in utah is at park city, the area that hosted many events of the 2002 winter olympics. it's destroyed 40 homes, catching lots of residents unaware and giving them just minutes to grab possessions to flee the flames. with firefighters working in heat and pushing 100 degrees, they're being stretched. >> evacuations are cumbersome and complex. we're strapped, trying to get as many resources as we can to come down here and help us but a lot of other places have the same problem we do.
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>> meanwhile, the beaver creek fire in sun valley, idaho has stretched to 100 square miles, a lot of affluent homes in the area. officials are saying some private insurance have sent in their own crews to provide structural protection to those homes with the highest values. thousands are firefighters are expected in overnight as eevacuate orders are extending to the north area in central idaho. it's now 100 square miles now in beaver creek. strong winds and dry tender are turning sun valley into a powder keg. the ski resorts have turned on their water cannons to protect the slopes and chair lifts. >> the redskins are getting
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geared up for their first home pre-season game tomorrow. the rumors started flying on social media that robert griffin the third may not be able to play until after week 5. after . >> rg3 is part of the nfl season preview in this magazine. he opens up about his family, friends and knee injuries. >> still ahead, chaos in the streets of egypt. weeks of fighting have killed hundreds. it shows no signs of slowing down. what does the fighting mean to
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that nation? >> and new information surrounding the death of princess diana. why officials are taking a second look. 
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>> british police say they're examining newly received information relating to the death of princess diana and dodi fayed. in 1997, they were killed in a car crash in paris. in 2008, british jury ruled the two were unlawfully killed by reckless driving and drinking by the driver. the agency declined to provide details about the new information, saying the assessment will be carried out by the officers of the specialist of the crime and operations unit. >> nbc is expressing doubt the hillary clinton mini series will ever make the air. it has not been ordered to production, only that a script
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has been written. it came shortly after rnc is blocking the g.o.p.'s access to the primary debates if they went ahead with the network. >> the president played a round of golf with friends on martha's vineyard on saturday. he spent a few hours with the first lady and his daughters on a private beach. he has kept a low profile during his getaway but he did a breakaway a bit to speak publically on the escalating violence in egypt. >> the ongoing crisis in egypt is showing no signs of slowing down. the egyptian government is going to disband the muslim brotherhood after 80 people were killed in the protests. there are more mass rallies for today today's -- today. here's more. >> death and chaos in the streets of egypt as the army's
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brutal crackdown of the muslim brotherhood protesters have killed some 900 people over the last several days. president obama ordered his national security team to assess the operations taken by egypt's military which could affect aid. >> experts say it doesn't buy as much influence as it used to. >> we started to put pressure on the egyptian interim government and what happened? saudi arabia said they were going to fund this. this is a message to washington. be careful when you fight with the muslim brotherhood, you may lose half of the region. >> israel and others are pressing the obama administration not to cut off aid to egypt. some say america's national security interests in egypt are trumping our support for human
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rights and democracy. unfortunately, our options are reduced at this point. few in egypt are going to keep u.s. interests safe. >> president obama and family back to washington on sunday as the u.s. moves on to the next military aid question, whether to stop an apache helicopter delivery scheduled for next month. >> the violence in egypt has also sparked residents in chicago to rally outside the egyptian consulate there. protesters are calling on president obama to make a stronger statement against the military takeover of the nation's government and stop providing the regime it with the billions of dollars of aid. >> an olympic champion heads back to court in the week ahead and president obama welcomes the
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nfl's only perfect team to the white house. here's more. >> monday is world humanitarian day, a time to commemorate the efforts of aid workers who lost their lives in the line of duty. it's to coincide with the anniversary of the 2003 bombings of the un headquarters in baghdad which claimed 22 lives. also on monday, oscar pistorius is returning to a south african court. he's going to be formally indicted for the shooting death of his girlfriend on valentine's day. he claims he shot her because he thought she was a burglar. >> tuesday, the 1972 miami dolphins led by legendary coach don shula are meeting with president obama. they never made it to washington in the months following their super bowl victory because of president nixon's involvement in the watergate scandal. thursday, president obama heads to central new york. his two day bus tour is going to
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stop in several locations. the president will be discussing the talks of higher education on his visit. saturday, the great bull run comes to richmond, virginia. daredevils are going to hope for the best while sprinting down a track alongside the stampeding herd. that's a look at the week ahead. >> straight ahead, signs of trouble before a deadly cargo plane crash. we'll tell you what the pilots were apparently warned about moments before impact. >> and later a very personal look at one of the many unknown stories from inside the white house. this is a story you really don't want to miss. we're going to talk to oprah winfrey about her role in a film already getting oscar buzz. we'll be right back. [ malale announcer ] on vacation, you want more
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>> welcome back. the first of several civil claims filed against penn state following the jerry sandusky sexual abuse scandal has now
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been settled. the settlement amounted to several million dollars. 25 claims have been filed. sandusky is currently in prison after he was convicted of numerous counts of child molestation >> the u.p.s. plane went down less than a mile from a runway at birmingham airport on wednesday. officials with the ntsb say flight recorders show the pilots of the aircraft were warned about the rate of descent moments before impact. both pilots were killed in the crash. here's something you haven't heard in a while, the federal debt limit. the fight is coming back up this fall. republicans are debating whether to exchange their votes to height the debt ceiling for a change in obama care. here's more. >> lawmakers have given no indication there's a resolution on the horizon to alleviate the
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pressure of the federal debt. a failure to compromise to lead to a possible government shutdown. there lies the blame game. republicans say states are about to experience sticker shock and companies may be forced to lay off workers. americans will see a rise of costs and loss of jobs and reduced plans to doctors. >> you and your family deserve the same relief the president gives to businesses by delaying the employer mandate. it's only fair. it's more than fair when you look at how the law is already raising costs, hurting jobs and reducing access to the plans and the doctors you like. >> democrats backing the president says the implementation is already well on its way, that americans are getting protection under this law they didn't receive before such as discounted prescription and other things.
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>> if you're among half of all americans who are sick or have a pre-existing condition, this law means beginning january 1st insurance companies have to cover you, and they can't use your medical history to charge you more than anybody else. >> so who is to blame for all this? the president's approval rating has waned and congress' is even worse. >> the president also dealing with the continuing saga of the n.s.a. surveillance scandal. there are new reports of an internal audit leaked by edward snowden which finds the n.s.a. broke privacy rules when it gathered information. but the compliance agent says the violations were not willful or malicious. nancy pelosi calls the revelation extremely disturbing. >> eight babies are being held by their dads for the first time this weekend as members of
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connecticut's national guard return home from afghanistan. the 160 service members arrived home after a 10 month deployment. this is the second deployment for the connecticut national guard unit. >> many u.s. soldiers have difficulty making the transition from military to civilian life. now one group says it has an answer to make it easier. some are willing to give the old technique a new try. here's more. >> about 40 people came to a rented room in bethesda to talk about whether transcendental medication can help veterans and their families better cope with their life. it's a technique that's been popularized. some american veterans suffer later from post traumatic stress disorder, they sometimes self-medicate with drugs and alcohol or get angry and take it out on their families or commit suicide.
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>> when you realize it, memorial day is not one day a year. it's every day. >> ron care is a practitioner of tra transcendental meditation. >> i got debris in my back. that broke me. something stopped working. and, whatever, i dealt with it like everyone else did and i drank and went about my business. >> the daily meditation, quote, "fixed me." david lynch has established a foundation that allows u.s. veterans to take the course for transcendental meditation for free. some vets in the room signed up. >> some veterans said no to the offer to learn tm for free. they declined to be interviewed on the way out. we don't know why. some critics call transcendental meditation a cult.
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the practitioners that we spoke with today say it is not a religion, it is a meditation technique. for civilians, learning t.m. is not cheap. for the four-day class we were told, it costs about a thousand dollars. >> coming up, a key part of obama's health care plan faces another hurdle. just ahead, how republicans are using a delay of a key portion of the bill to their advantage. >> and we'll take a closer look in our preview of fox news sunday. and gary mcgrady is in for gwen this morning. he'll be back to join me with a look at today's weather and a workweek preview. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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>> president obama's signature affordable care act faces another setback as a key part of the bill is now delayed until 2015. p

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